Linha Industrial

The blow molding process is used for making hollow parts by inflating air inside the mold, whereas it expands the melted plastic, until it is molded into its desired shape.
The first step in this process consists in forming a softened thermoplastic material in a hose, name the parison. This then is deposited inside the blow mold, which closes and pressing the parison, then it is blown against the mold walls into the final shape, then cooled down and extracted after the cooling stage. Most of the times, the product needs to still go through the finishing stage, for example: deburring, perforating, stamping, labeling, etc.

  • 7 blow molding machines from 30L to 50L in volume and molds parts from 3.5 to 5.0 kg
  • 1 continuous extrusion blow molding machine of 5.0L